Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Every year, it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for Dad. Sure, ties, tools, and mugs make the cut—but sometimes you want to get him something extra special, and that’s why our custom sports chairs are the perfect gift for Father’s Day!


Why A Custom Sports Chair?


The beauty of a custom sports chair is that it is personalized. You can choose from any major league sports team or entertainment series and an array of coluors so that your dad can show off his style and favourite team while he relaxes in his new chair. Whether you call it a Muskoka chair or an Adirondack chair you know it's comfortable. Plus, we use premium materials in all our chairs—so he won’t have to worry about buying another one any time soon!


The Comfort He Deserves


Not only is a custom sports chair stylish and comfortable, but it also has practical benefits. With its ergonomic design, your dad can sit back and enjoy any outdoor activity with ease. Its extra-wide armrests also make it easy to balance drinks and small plates.



Durable and easy to use


Whether he’s watching a ball game or just reading a book in the garden, his custom sports chair will be there for him every step of the way. All our chairs are resistant to weather, fading, warping, and splintering so he can relax in it for years to come!
To top it off, our custom sports chairs are incredibly easy to assemble.  All you need to do is follow the simple instructions included in each box and you’ll have your dad’s new favourite outdoor accessory set up in no time at all.
When it comes down to it, getting your dad a custom sports chair this Father's Day is truly a win-win situation: it looks great on the patio or porch and gives him endless hours of comfort and relaxation outdoors. Its customizable features add an extra personal touch that makes it his - plus they’re really easy to assemble too! So don't wait - give Dad the ultimate Father's Day gift today with a custom sports chair from us! He'll thank you later!


Win this Father's Day


Is he obsessed with a single player? 


Does your Father talk endlessly about his favorite player? You can customize his chair to match any Jersey, adding their name and jersey number to the back. For the front, you can set the player's letter if they are a Captain or assistant too! So whether he’s cheering on the regional hockey team or rooting for his favorite NFL squad, these chairs are sure to make him feel like part of the action!


Get his favourite player's jersey chair


Is your Dad his own Boss?

After a long days work at his own business he can come home to relax in his custom Adirondack with his own logo on it! Our design team can put his logo on any chair, matching the quality all our other chairs. Its perfect for showcasing his business on his front lawn while he's at work and a conversation starter when hosting potential customers. He can even purchase more later for advertising purposes!

Brand his own chair!


Worried Mom will feel left out?


There's no denying our custom sports chair can leave people a little bit jealous after they see and sit in them. And even if it is Fathers Day your mom doesn't deserve to feel left out. With our bundle packs you can get Dad and Mom a custom Adirondack chair with matching side tables or footstool and Save! This way they can enjoy the outdoors in comfortable chairs together!


Bundle and Save!

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